Custom made bleaching trays are made from an impression of the teeth and a thin tray is produced which works by holding the whitening gel against the teeth for short periods of time over the course of a few days.


The trays are so thin and fit so well that you can go about your normal routine without noticing they are there. Here is a short video showing how easy it is to make the trays when you know how.

Custom trays perfectly compliment LED teeth whitening as with an LED treatment you can expect to lighten teeth by anywhere between 8-12 shades in a sitting and then follow up with custom made trays to move up the shade guide as well as maintain that whiteness.

It has also been documented that with a blue light treatment teeth can revert back to their normal shade quicker as opposed to custom trays which can be used when needed.

The whiteness that can achieved from trays is a lot deeper and truer and more teeth can be whitened with trays since with LED whitening usually treats only the front 8 teeth.

Generally the incisors are a much darker shade than the rest of the teeth and being denser the yellowing is much harder to shift and causes an uneven shade.

In our experience customers who use trays return for an LED treatment more often knowing that using the light will give instant results for a special occasion especially if the teeth are pre-conditioned by using the trays. They are more in tune with the whitening process than someone who does not use trays and is more likely to be a regular customer and also a great source of referrals.

Generally custom trays are usually purchased from a dentist for anywhere between £200-£400 – we all know someone who has paid that much for a set.

The art of making trays has been closely guarded but now for the first time you can learn how to make trays for your customers and reap the rewards that go with them, especially now that peroxide is not used you can offer another service which will be appreciated and gives better results over time.