banner3We have been in the teeth whitening industry since 2010 and were one of the first teeth whitening companies to feature on Groupon and Living Social.

Having treated over 3000 customers (at  Groupon discounts) we had to look at ways of increasing customer spend whilst providing a top level service.

We know how most operators feel and in the beginning we felt the same way – that trays were an indirect competition and that our LED treatment was the best treatment available but we found that customers who used trays became our repeat customers and our best source of referrals.

Custom made trays and LED Teeth Whitening compliment each other. It was not long before we ran various promotions offering LED and Trays as a total package.

On average 1 in 3 customer would invest in custom trays adding a new income stream that rivalled our core business.

The greatest attraction to trays is that they could be produced simultaneously – producing on average 15 a week and that they could also be “mail ordered”.

With the change in industry we feel we can help by teaching you the art of tray making so that you can offer your customer the added value of LED whitening or custom trays or both as a package.

You should have a client base, a customer list that you market to – how do you think an email going out to your list would be received letting them know that you can now offer custom made bleaching trays which normally cost hundreds from a dentist for only £99 or £149 with a top up treatment.

The next video shows your customers how to take their own impressions so you don’t have too.