In this course we will teach you how to make custom made bleaching trays.
Here are some of the topics we will be covering.

      • Learn how to ask for client impressions – the right way
      • How to make up an impression kit to send to your customers
      • How to make the stone that the trays are made from
      • Time saving tips – we generally make 10-15 sets at once
      • What machine/s to buy
      • Tools you need
      • Which cases to use to send your trays out
      • How to take the stone out of the impression
      • How to start a custom tray mail order business
      • How to get started for under £300 – yes under £200 with enough materials for 20 trays
      • How to sell custom trays to your customers, not to mention top up gels
      • Introductions to the 3 companies you need to work with to get your supplies

With this course you will receive


    • Step by step videos walking you through each and every process
    • Phone support as well as online live video support to tackle any challenges you encounter – we are making trays every day so just tune in.
    • Impression taking document as well as an un-branded video showing your customers how to take impressions at home – you can add this to your website.

How much will all this cost?


In the past we have sold this course with the equipment and one on one training for £1500 – today you wont have to pay anywhere near that – all this valuable information and new skill-set can be yours today for £495. All you need to do is follow our instructions to buy your tools, machinery and materials for under £300 and you can be offering your clients custom made bleaching trays next week.

After you have joined you will be re-directed to a page showing you where to buy your equipment from and how much it will cost. You will need to invest around £300 for all your equipment and enough stock to build approximately your first 36 sets of trays (depending which method you decide to adopt). After that each set will cost you under £5

You do not need to spend the £300 on your equipment straight away. You can first order your vacuum machine (10 day delivery time) and also impression putty and impression trays. Next send out an email (you can use one of our templates) to your list of customers selling the trays and take orders through paypal, when you get the order send out the impression kit. Collect impressions in the time it takes for the machine to arrive – using your tracking number you will be able to determine when its arrival days is and then you can order the remaining supplies to arrive on the same day using next day delivery.